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Using TextBroker.com For Content Writing

Using textbroker.com is very easy. You will first go on the site and set up an account. They do require a beginning balance of at least $25. Once your account is set up you will roll over the ‘Assignment’ tab and under that a new menu will appear with an option ‘new order’ select that. Under ‘Open Order’ there is ‘Place Order’ click on that…this is where you will order your paper. Click on the arrow in the Project area and select new project. Here you will type the name of your project (I normally use my Keyword or phrase) then you move to the category (you use whatever you feel works best I normally use business) next is the quality level (I normally use 3 stars for website content) processing time is completely up to you (you will have three days to approve the text before they will automatically accept it so you might want to consider that, otherwise you can send it back to the author to make them do edits. Word count is pretty clear I normally put 300 to 350 so that they don’t run up the word count just to get paid more. I can word stuff it if I need to SEO options select ‘on’ then it will ask you about key-word check say yes and with this amount of word count you will need the keyword in the text approx 9 to 12 times and that is what I put in there. Plurals/inflections = off and Connecting Words = off (unless you will allow things like ‘on, the, of , at’ then let them know)

Now as you move down the page you will see it asks for the title and the keyword. I put the same thing in both just for my own organization. This is up to you if you want a different title. There is also an ‘order description’ in this area I try to let the author know for what website I want the content written for and what the keyword is and how they need to be referred to each other. For example in a blog it is more casual and in an article it is just by chance. A website page is more compelling and trying to persuade the onlooker to look more so you want more of a sales tactic to it.

Once you are done with these points you just calculate your order and then again confirm the order and you are done. Sometimes you will get the paper back right away other times it can take a day or so it is up to the topic.

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