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Search Engine Result Placements (SERPs) is commonly used to describe how well you’re doing in the search engine rankings for a particular phrase. We work hard to take the key phrases which describe your business and place them on the dominant search engines for all to see.

Each business has a primary focus for their business and we take strategic keywords for promoting your business. These words which are the most likely words a person would use to find you product or business. These words are called “trophy words” and these are the words we make stand out on search engines. In every package we believe that you should use merit to increase your standings on search engines using a process called “organic SEO”. Pay-Per-Click(PPC) is a way of gaining quick results and increase your standing. We know our clients should not be married to PPC, but it sure does help! Every one of our packages includes the use of PPC and because of our high volumes we have negotiated the most economical SEO packages that you can’t get anywhere else!

We use a number of SERP tools to enable us to know exactly what keywords are used and how to best market your website dynamically. Our tactics change from month to month based on numberous types of information we receive from the tools installed right on your website and to many search engines..

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