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Top Website Design Mistakes

Top Design Mistakes


  • Avoid a cluttered, “noisy” layout. Your site should be inviting to read and easy to navigate. Too many links, pictures, logos, and items will confuse your visitor and lower its effectiveness at producing leads and sales.
  • Bright, loud colors used in excess. These loud colors “scream” at your visitors      and make your company look unprofessional. Use them ONLY in small amounts to highlight key areas on your site.
  • Colored or patterned backgrounds with light text. If you have a  great sales letter, why make it difficult to read? Black text on a white background is the safest bet. Reverse copy (black background with white text) has been proven to LOWER the response of ANY marketing communication, including web sites.
  • Difficult  navigation.  Use simple and intuitive words for the various sections of your web site.  What you think is “cute” or “cool” is probably annoying to your visitors.
  • Flash  or large graphics that slow down the opening or navigation of your site. Everyone is in a  hurry and no one wants to sit through your flash presentation. All Flash should be converted to JQuery so that mobile devices can see them.
  • Sound  clips or music files that start playing without warning. You’ll scare (and annoy) the visitor that didn’t realize their speakers were “on” at top volume.    If you want to offer audio, provide a link they can click to start and      stop the recording.


  • Fonts that are difficult to read. The best online fonts to use for text are Verdana or Arial (don’t go smaller than 12 point in your body copy).

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