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SEO For 2013

Ready for 2013 SEO changes?

Here are the “Must-read SEO guidelines for 2013” that get you full-armed!

Congratulations, you are a business that has withstood 2012, the recession, Google Panda, Google Penguin, and the “end of the world” memes flooding in social media with content.  Who knows, 2013 may be even harsher, so it’s high time to get prepared for the coming year. Don’t you think so?

I do, and that’s why I’ve put our noses deep into the industry’s most serious trends to make a up-to-date and reliable “Must-read SEO Guide for 2013”.  This guide I have put together is free for all of my clients together exclusively for my clients to have first hand knowledge before its too late.   Secondly we are developing a 5 part SEO training series which we’ll be rolling out regularly starting February 1st right in your inbox.  New strategies not only for SEO but for making your website a better call to action.

Ok, it’s time to plan your winning 2013 SEO strategy and here comes the first part of the guide:

1. Get true-to-life rankings with personalized search results

What’s coming What may happen:    Google’s intention is clear—to provide users with the best search results. From what we can see now, search engines try to make the results 100% personalized, considering user’s location, search settings and preferences. This virtually doubles and triples your rank tracking routine…

Get prepared Get prepared: We know you need to struggle with national and local search results, that’s why we worked on the Advanced Search Settings module our online ranking tracker. It helps you see your ranks as seen by real Google and Bing users – from different countries, regions or cities, in different languages and more. You can tweak the following parameters to personalize your rank checks:

  • Search Location – check rankings as if from a specified location (state, region and even city)
  • Interface Language – search as if using Google in a specified interface language
  • De-personalization – remove personalization, based on user’s search history
  • Safe Search Filter – include or exclude adult content from your search results
SEO For 2013 Sean Odom
2. Don’t let new competitors steal your rankings

What’s coming What’s coming: Google says there’s no chance for negative SEO to exist. Maybe so, but what we know for sure is that more and more people realize how important SEO is, which means you’ll have to compete even more in 2013! Time to act seriously!

Get prepared Get prepared: You can add up 2 extra websites to your Rank Tracker project (10 for Enterprise Edition) and quickly check and compare rankings for them. This way you can keep a close eye on your competitors’ rankings or set side by side several websites you optimize for the same keywords. Pay special attention to the ranking trend.

Sites with rankings growing are more dangerous than ones sitting more or less permanently, as it means they’ve started SEO and are determined to outreach you.

Rank Tracker shows the competitors rankings in clear tables, on visual graphs or in a special Competition Rankings Report. The tool keeps the competitors’ ranking history for you to access it at any moment.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: Limited
(1 competitor)
Pro: Yes
(5 competitors)
Enterprise: Yes
(10 competitors)
3. Analyze how profound your AuthorRank is by checking your content ranks

What’s coming What’s coming: AuthorRank surely gets more and more important (and if you haven’t noticed that in the SERPs, you are blessed with some low-competition industry!). What’s AuthorRank for? The idea behind it is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results.

So what can you do to ensure your AuthorRank is growing besides sharing your articles on Google+ and inserting author tags into Web pages? Right, you can monitor ranking progress specifically for the content you’ve put lots of resources into.

Get prepared Get prepared: In Rank Tracker you can tag some of the fields as “AuthorRank” and see whether these pages have moved up or down in SERPs for certain keywords. Each time you run a check, Rank Tracker will conveniently show you the ranking difference—the best proof of your AuthorRank progress.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: No
Pro: Yes
Enterprise: Yes
4. Track rankings in Universal Search results

What’s coming What’s coming: This is good news – more traffic is coming through other Google products – Google Images, Videos, News, Places, etc. Do you already know how many visits you get from those ones?

Get prepared Get prepared: With Rank Tracker, you can check your and your competitors’ ranks in any Google universal search result blocks: images, videos, news, shopping, places, books, and more. Universal search is a proven chance to get great exposure and attract floods of extra traffic to your site – make sure you don’t miss out on it!

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: Limited
(No ranking history)
Pro: Yes
Enterprise: Yes
5. Keep your  analytics stats 100% safe

What’s coming What’s coming: Google keeps on hiding more and more keyword data under the “not provided” label. Some SEOs even think Google Analytics will become a fully commercial app… We would hate to see that, but just imagine how shocking it would be to lose your precious analytics data!

Get prepared Get prepared: Luckily, Rank Tracker is a 100% safe desktop tool that securely saves all your project data f-o-r-e-v-e-r. And while the stats are here, you can always analyze the bounce rates and the number of actual visitors brought by each keyword to your website.

Need to export your data? Rank Tracker Enterprise includes a powerful module to export data into CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL and many other formats with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

Feature available in SEO PowerSuit

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