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Misconceptions Of Twitter

Many of our older clients used to see us send tweets from their Twitter accounts sometimes hourly years ago and frequently some of those older clients contact us asking why are we not doing that anymore.   The reason is that “Incestuous Tweets” as they are called are no longer a ranking factor and have not been for several years now.   Google requires you to have a Twitter account associated with your domain as a ranking factor but could care less if you send 1 tweet or 500 tweets.   Just like if you were to link to 500 pages from your homepage  to other pages on your website, Google won’t penalize you, but it won’t give any SEO value either.   They call these “Incestuous Links”.

Tweets however, coming from other domains and other Twitter accounts with positive words, a link and focused on a keyword are a small ranking factor.   So instead of Tweeting from your own account we tweet from other accounts which are high value accounts on Twitter.   We text a keyword, a positive word, and a link to your website many times per week for every client.   We have a whole department dedicated to just this task.


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