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Keyword Density Training For Clients

This demonstration will walk you through increasing the keyword density of your landing pages. 

For this demonstration I am walking you step by step through how I optimized http://www.OrlandoPublicGolfCourses.info. So you can go  that website and see the examples live.
 At the end of these examples is a link to a GoRank.com free tool that will show you how good your keyword density is.  Please note that you most likely will not be able to do all of these examples and apply these to your website.  The trick is to do as many things as you can to get a keyword density on each page as close as you can to 6%. 

Keyword Density Instructions Part 1Keyword Density Instructions Part 2Keyword Density Instructions Part 3Keyword Density Instructions Part 4

Google has changed the Keyword Density requirement from 7% to a more reasonable  6-6.5% to completely optimize a page.   This means that each of your pages should focus on one keyword.   Each page should also contain 300 words minimum and your keyword  should appear at least 6 times for every 100 words on the page.  If you have 300 words on the page, your keyword should be on the page 18 times at a minimum.  You can use the keyword density check tool at http://www.gorank.com/analyze.php to check your keyword density and learn other places you can place keywords on the page.

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