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Recently Google made a significant change in the way it ranks pages with its algorithm and it will effect virtually every one of our clients placement in the short term for keywords being used which are not on the homepage.    Most of our clients before joining WebSeoPros built links to their website by getting external links from blogs entries, tweets, Facebook, or other websites just to go to their home page.  Meaning if your website is www.FullCourtSEO.com your link would go to http://www.FullCourtSEO.com.   This would in essence be a link to your Index page.  This is why many websites have a higher page rank on their homepage and either no ranking or a lower ranking on their internal pages.


Up until 45 days ago, having no ranking on some pages on your website that were focusing on a particular keyword or keywords didn’t make that much of a difference because a link from the homepage which was ranked well to the page which was unranked or had a lower ranking carried over and boosted the overall ranking of the page.  Meaning even though the non-index page was ranked lower than the homepage,  the homepages better ranking gave an invisible push to the internal page.     This process is known as “incestuous linking” and Google took this away ability away in the new algorithm process.


Now every page stands on its own as if it is its own website and links must be created and rankings done individually page by page as if each page is its own website and has its own ranking.   And it works both ways.   Your home page ranking may drop if you have a high number of highly ranked interior pages linking to it and now the homepage no longer gets credit for those additional links.


It may not have effected your website yet due to indexing dates and frequency but you may see an immediate effect on your positioning of keywords and pages.   Since WebSeoPros has taken over every customers websites we have evenly distributed the amount of links on your packages to the keywords and the URLs which connect those keywords in our linking, blogging, social media and other processes.    We will be closely monitoring those keywords that are dropping for our clients and steadily concentrate a higher percentage of your contracted link building to links we create on those deeper pages to combat the problem.


What can you do?  You as a website owner or operator may want to preemptively increase your SEO plan with us to create additional links right away or we may also feel the need to contact you to temporarily increase your current SEO plan to build additional links for keywords and pages that are dropping.  Clients that focus on  large numbers of keywords with online sales may want to pay particularly close attention to their weekly reports in the next few months as well as those from the past 30 days.


This development seems to be particularly timed for an unknown Google announcement at PubCon, one of the industry’s most watched shows in Las Vegas next week.      Both Sean Farrell, Jason McCormick, and myself will be in attendance all next week and will keep all of you up to date on new developments.

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