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How Clients Can Help With Social Media

So here is a brief explanation of why we use each social media tool and what you should be doing with it and how you can help!


The most popular Social site on the market right now, it is the best place to find clients past and future. It’s also great for potential clients to look at pictures of your past projects and stay up to date with events and savings going on with your business. Now, what can you do to make it help you with your business? Well, the best thing you can do is STAY ACTIVE, upload pictures, do daily status updates, comment on other’s pages ect. The other thing you can do is once a week have a short sentence for your status update that includes one of your keywords and a link back to your website. Or if you make a blog post that is keyword optimized (which is discussed further down) you can use that keyword and the URL that post is located at in a status update. It’s a great way for people to be drawn to your blog as well as getting that keyword noticed by the search engines more.


Twitter is getting more and more popular, there isn’t as much you can do with it like Facebook but you do a twitter update the same way you would do a Facebook status update. Once a week you should tweet a short sentence that includes a keyword and a link to your website. The same would apply if you did a blog post that was optimized for a keyword, tweet that keyword and the URL it is located at. But STAY ACTIVE.

We have three of our own Twitter accounts that we tweet from three times a week. We tweet one of your keywords and a link that goes to your website. This helps because tweeting your URL from your own Twitter account won’t help SEO wise, it just helps direct your followers to your website, this is called incestuous linking which Google basically doesn’t give you credit for. So our tweeting helps your SEO because Google sees that our accounts aren’t connected to yours.



Newest Social site to hit the interent, it’s very basic on how it works. Everything is focused around pictures. So this is great because you can put up pictures of your products with a keyword in the description along with a full link to your website. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE HTTP://. And unlike Facebook everyone with a pintrest account will see it, not only friends or followers which makes it easier to get followers and get your products noticed.


Once a month you want to make a keyword optimized blog post that has a link going to your website. You also want to have a picture to go with it so you can put that keyword in the alternate text of the picture. The length should be between 100-300 words and needs to be optimized 4-5% which means the keyword needs to be mentioned 4-5 times for every 100 words.

Now, you don’t just have to go on to these once a week, you can add whatever you want, these are just the basics of what needs to be done for optimal optimization. And please keep in mind the best thing you can do is stay active, show people you take your business seriously and are doing everything you can to see it succeed. If they know you’re serious about your company they’ll think you’re serious about getting their business taken care of.


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